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GeoStar Communications is a broad based communications company serving residential, small and medium-sized business and large enterprise customers in the United States.

GeoStar Communications provides a full range of products from domestic and international long distance voice services to fully managed and fully integrated data and enhanced services.

With its established network and infrastructure; high quality, affordable communications solutions; unique approach to targeted niche markets; and preeminent VoIP and technology, GeoStar is a unique player in the North American telecommunications industry and is poised to generate significant revenue and profit growth.

When you sign up for GeoStar Communications, you’re connecting to the power of a Worldwide Intelligent Network, along with the dedicated customer service that GeoStar Communications is known for. Providing competitive rates and a suite of essential services, including local, long distance, managed internet and private line service, GeoStar Communications delivers the services your business needs for continued success.